Open Space & Recreation Plan Committee


The Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee (OS&RPC) develops multi-year plans for Wilbraham in order to qualify the Town for State funding of open space and recreation land purchases.


 Goals of the 2014-2021 Updated Plan include:

  • Maintaining an ongoing base of support for the Open Space and Recreation Plan from Town boards and from the public through education and cooperation, communicated through public meetings, newspapers and the Town website.
  • Promoting active growth management to reduce residential sprawl and prevent open space / recreation land fragmentation.
  • Fostering inter-connectivity of Town lands throughout Wilbraham through formal, well-maintained trail systems.
  • Preserving and protecting environmental resources, including wetlands, water resources, upland wildlife habitat and wildlife travel corridors and encouraging synergy among all community, state and regional partners for conservation and preservation.


  • Steve Lawson
  • Judi Theocles
  • Tracey Plantier
  • Matt Frasier
  • Susan Burk
  • Joe Calabrese

Planning for the Future

To help the Open Space Committee address the needs and wants of Town residents in its future endeavors, please complete the following survey and email the answers to Joe Calabrese or Jay Taylor or mail the hard copy.

Open space and recreation are vitally important to any community. Linkage among open space areas within Wilbraham via walking trails remains the highest priority for the Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee. 

Wilbraham Hikes: