The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the financial administration of all municipal funds, including cash flow analysis, all aspects of debt management, tax titles, payroll, trust funds, performance bonds, preparation of various fiscal reports and compliance with applicable federal and state laws. The Department also oversees the administration of employee benefits in retirement, Deferred Compensation 457 Plan and the Section 125 Cafeteria Plan. As the disbursing agent for the Town of Wilbraham, the Treasurer's Office distributes more than 16,000 payroll and accounts payable payments annually.

The Treasurer serves as financial advisor to the Capital Planning Committee, forecasts local receipts for the budget process, and plans, designs, develops and implements new computerized applications for the Treasurer's Office, Collector's Office, Landfill and various other departments.


The goal of the Treasurer's Office is to perform the duties required by the Town in a courteous and efficient manner. Residents are encouraged to call (413) 596-2800, Ext. 207, or stop by if they have any questions or concerns.