Real Estate Tax Direct Payment Program

The Town of Wilbraham is pleased to offer you a pre-authorized payment program, i.e.; “Direct Payment,” for Real Estate Taxes owed the Town. With direct payment, bills will be sent to taxpayers using the Direct Payment on the same schedule as bills sent to all taxpayers. On the date payment is due, the required amount will be automatically debited from the bank account authorized by the taxpayer. Please make sure there are adequate funds available to cover this authorized debit. The account may be at any bank/banking institution that participates in the “Automated Clearinghouse” system; this includes over 95% of all banks in the nation.

Property owners whose taxes are included in their mortgage CANNOT participate in this program.

The advantages of the Direct Payment plan are:

  • No longer any need to write a check or address envelopes (also saves on postage).
  • Your real estate taxes are automatically paid on the due date, eliminating the chance of being assessed penalties and interest.
  • Saves you the time and cost of making a special trip to the Town Hall.
  • Worry free. Bills are paid when you are on vacation, out of town or if you’re ill.

There is no charge from the Town for this service; however, you should check with your financial institution to determine what charges, if any, they may have. The taxpayer may cancel the “Direct Payment” program at any time; all that is required is 21 days written notice to the Town Collector that the taxpayer wishes to terminate the service. Don’t forget…if you change your bank, please notify this office.

If you wish to participate in the “Direct Payment” program, please print out the Real Estate Tax Direct Payment Form (PDF) and return to:

Collector’s Office
Town of Wilbraham
240 Springfield St.
Wilbraham, MA 01095

For more information regarding this program, please call Janet Costa, Assistant Collector at (413) 596-2800, Ext. 206.