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May 25

Scam Alert

Posted on May 25, 2014 at 11:28 AM by Jeffrey Rudinski


            WARNING!!!!  WARNING!!!!! WARNING!!!! WARNING!!!!

Please be advised that WPD has received several reports of a common telephone scam. A caller will  state that a relative is in trouble, and require you to wire them money for their safe return. WPD has recently received complaints from residents receiving these types of calls.
We have received reports of a brother being held at knife point for ransom, and a husband being held at gunpoint for ransom. The phone numbers will appear to be local as they are SPOOFED (displays different # than actual callers phone #). Should you get a similar call, obtain as much information as possible to identify the caller, and contact WPD.  If you feel a loved one may be in trouble, WPD will confirm your loved ones safety, and investiagte the matter.