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May 25

Information About Spoofing

Posted on May 25, 2014 at 11:47 AM by Jeffrey Rudinski


What is spoofing?

Public telephone networks provide Caller ID information, which includes the caller's name and number, with each call. However, some technologies allow callers to forge Caller ID information and present false names and numbers. Gateways between networks that allow such spoofing and other public networks then forward that false information.

Simple computer and phone APPS can now be utilized to place calls showing the receiving party a fake phone number. The number can be anything that the person utilizes including phone numbers known to  you!

When spoofing is utilized in a scam, the caller may know specific information about your family, which is easily obtained from any number of information tracking sites on the internet. 

Please be aware of these spoofing scams and be very cautious of any rash or emotional responses. One simple way to identify whether you are being scammed is to “Google” the telephone number calling you. In some cases you will see hundreds of scam postings about that particular number.

In the event you  believe your family member is being held, contact the nearest law enforcement agency utilizing 911 !!