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Oct 26


Posted on October 26, 2014 at 9:31 AM by Jeffrey Rudinski

snap hack.jpg

 Snap hack is an application available for apple/droid phones for free (light version) or $2.99 for the (Pro version).  The App allows snap chat users to save pictures/videos that are sent to them via Snapchat. 

Snapchat is an app that allows its users to send other users pictures & videos. The Snapchat sender sets a time limit of 0-10 seconds to the receiver before the messages delete themselves. As you can imagine teens use Snapchat for a variety of reasons.  Snapchat has been a very  popular app for  teens to send photos/videos since it was difficult for friends to save the images or videos. There are several APPS that defeat the Snapchat program, Snap Hack being one of those.  

Snap Hack works by having you log into your Snapchat account with your username and password inside the Snap Hack app. After you login and receive a Snapchat, you have to open  Snap hack first and not open Snapchat. Snap Hack will then take the photo that you received in Snapchat and save it to your photographs.

Teens like to remain private and retain secrecy when they utilize apps for conversing. It important for everyone to realize that their is no such thing as privacy. Photos and videos that you may not want to become public just may.