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Dec 14

APP Review, "SECRET"

Posted on December 14, 2014 at 9:38 AM by Jeffrey Rudinski

secret photo.png

Secret is a free app available on the IOS and the Play store. The app is described as a place to speak openly without judgement (tell secrets).

The basic premise of "Secret" is  that you tell secrets to strangers. You don’t know who your speaking with, and they do not know you. This is extremely concerning should juveniles utilize the App. The App is simple with pictures, text and location. When  posting on "Secret", you select a picture or upload your own as a background for your “secret”. The secrets being shared are typically short and to the point. Signing up is simple, email address, password and phone number, however the phone number is not mandatory.

When utilizing "Secret", it doesn't know who you are and does not associate a profile picture or any profile to your post (anonymous). "SECRET" does allow people to comment on secrets or give them "hearts" or "likes". People are allowed to view comments of the secret without posting or clicking on a like. If a secret is subsequently " liked", it shows people around you via GPS  or friends that you have selected, to share your secret with what that post is, and allows those people the opportunity to "like" it or comment on the post. When making comments, "SECRET" places its own unique icon with your comment, but just for that thread. This allows people to know who is posting numerous comments on a thread.

Upon utilizing the App, I saw posts such as  “I do drugs with my step mom” and “Ive found her at last”. I did observe several posts that I would not describe as troubling such as "My mom continues to ask me when Im going to marry a good guy" and "Is there life after death". Upon utilizing the app for a short time, there were many posts that were not suitable for children to view. Be advised that  there is a flagging area to notify the app should people violate the community guidelines.

Keep an eye out for this App.