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Full-Time Employee Benefits
Flexible Benefits Plan

The Town offers a Flexible Benefits Plan (Section 125 Plan, also known as "Cafeteria Plan"), which is not an insurance plan but an IRS approved program to purchase insurance with pre-tax earnings. It allows eligible employees to purchase group insurance (health, dental and life) and pay the premiums with payroll deductions before income tax is calculated.  It also offers two separate Flexible Spending Accounts: a Medical Expense Account and a Dependent Care Account, which allows employees to pay for out of pocket medical expenses or Childcare and Eldercare expenses with pre tax earnings.

Please review the Summary Plan Description for more information on this plan, or contact Lynne Frederick, Assistant Town Treasurer, at 413-596-2800, Ext. 129.

Benefits Book
To review the current Benefits Book please click here.

Health Insurance

The Town offers the following plan options for active employees
and retirees who are not eligible for Medicare:

  • Tufts Health Plan

Following are a Premium Rate Schedule and a Plan Comparison Chart to assist employees and retirees in determining which is the best option for them and their families:  

Please Note: The SVRHT voted to waive the co-payments for high technology imaging services when employees select from non-hospital imaging centers from on these lists:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Health Care Coverage Options under the Health Insurance Exchanges

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires the Town to provide each of its employees with a formal Notice of the health care options that will be available to individuals under the Health Insurance Exchanges that the ACA requires each state to establish. In Massachusetts, the Exchange is known as the Health Connector.

Your Privacy
The Town of Wilbraham is a member of the Scantic Valley Regional Health Trust (SVRHT), a joint purchasing group. SVRHT contracts with Group Benefits Strategies (GBS) to administer the health insurance program for the member communities. Even for self-insured plans, the Town of Wilbraham does not directly pay for services and does not receive Private Health Information (PHI). The Town of Wilbraham may ask the employee's permission to receive such information in certain circumstances, for instance when reimbursing an employee for expenses from a Medical Flexible Spending Account. 

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Herta Dane, Human Resources Coordinator, at (413) 596-2800, Ext. 100.  

Dental Insurance 

Dental Insurance is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield:

Fiscal Year 2019 dental premiums:
Employee pays 100%, weekly payroll deductions:
 Individual Coverage
$13.13 per week
 Family Coverage
$38.33 per week

Group Term Life and AD&D Insurance

The Town offers a $5,000 Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance policy with a monthly premium of $3.10, of which the Town pays 50% ($1.55), and the employee pays 50% ($1.55).

Upon retirement, this policy converts to a $1,000 Life policy and the AD&D coverage ends.

Voluntary Term Life and AD&D Insurance
Employees who are enrolled in the Group Term Life Insurance policy have the option to join the voluntary plan which provides additional Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage in increments of  $10,000 to a maximum of $150,000 (the maximum coverage may not exceed five times your annual salary). This is offered at guaranteed issue for up to certain amounts depending on age during the first 31 days of employment. Proof of good health and satisfactory to Boston Mutual is required for amounts above the Guaranteed Issue Amounts or beyond the 31 day eligibility period. Premiums are 100% employee paid, monthly premium rate costs for Life and AD&D are as follows:

 Per Volume of Insurance
 Age Monthly
Rate per 1,000
 10,000 20,000
 30,000  50,000  100,000
 34 & under
0.11   1.10   2.20   3.30   5.50   11.00
 35-39 0.16   1.60   3.20   4.80   8.00   16.00
 40-44 0.23   2.30   4.60   6.90  11.50   23.00
 45-49 0.35   3.50   7.00  10.50  17.50   35.00
 50-54 0.57
  5.70  11.40  17.10  28.50   57.00
 55-59 0.78   7.80  15.60
 23.40  39.00   78.00
 60-64 1.24 12.40  24.80  37.20  62.00 124.00
 65-69 2.12 21.20  42.40  63.60 106.00 212.00
 70-74 3.62 36.20  72.40 108.60 181.00 362.00
 75-79 5.94 59.40 118.80 178.20 297.00 594.00

Family Coverage:
You may insure your spouse in units of $5,000 to a maximum of $50,000, not to exceed 50% of you coverage amount.

Dependent children age 1-19 years (up to 25 if full-time student) are eligible for $10,000.
Dependent children age 14 days to 1 year are eligible for $1,000.
The total monthly premium cost to insure all eligible dependent children for life insurance is only $1.90 per Family Unit. All life coverage for dependent children is guaranteed issue.

Medical Questions:
If you and your dependents enroll within 31 days of becoming eligible, you and your spouse may purchase a specific amount of insurance on a guaranteed basis. No medical questions asked for coverage at or under a Guaranteed Issue Amount.
 Guaranteed Issue Amounts
Age Employee Spouse
Under 60
$80,000 $20,000
$30,000 $10,000
*70 and Over
$10,000 -Not Eligible-

*Employee's insurance deduction schedule applies