Public Housing

Public Housing in Wilbraham

There are approximately 90,000 units of state and federally assisted public housing in all of Massachusetts. Public housing developments are apartments that are built and subsidized by either the state or the federal government and are managed by local housing authorities.

There are 253 local housing authorities in Massachusetts. There are different types of public housing available such as housing for families, elderly persons and certain persons with disabilities. Supportive housing with assisted living services for elderly and disabled persons and congregate housing are also available in some cities and towns. There is a very small amount of public housing available to single persons.

Wilbraham has 60 units of elderly/disabled housing (Chapter 667) located at 12 Miles Morgan Court and at The Pines at 88 Stony Hill Road, 15 units of Congregate Housing (Chapter 667 Congregate) located at The Pines, and 9 units of Family Housing (Chapter 705) which are scattered throughout the Town and includes duplexes and single-family homes.