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Tracey Plantier (Email Tracy Plantier)ChairmanMay 2025
Gordon Allen

May 2023
John McCloskeyClerkMay 2026
James "Jay" Moore, Jr
May 2024
James Rooney
May 2022
Elizabeth George
Associate MemberJune 2023


The Planning Board is a five-member board elected for staggered five-year terms. The Planning Board is responsible for overseeing land use planning in the Town of Wilbraham. Working in close cooperation with the Planning Director and the Building Inspector / Zoning Enforcement Officer, the Planning Board studies the resources and needs of the Town, particularly conditions affecting public welfare and safety related to land use and development.

The Board is authorized to develop the Town’s Master Plan to guide growth and make recommendations to ensure that development is consistent with the Master Plan. As the main author and "custodian" of the Town’s Zoning By-Law, the Board is responsible for conducting public hearings and making recommendations on proposed amendments to the Zoning By-Law, which must be approved by Town Meeting.

The Board also regulates the subdivision of land and the construction of new roadways, grants site plan approval and special permits for various land-use proposals required by the Town’s Zoning By-Law, and reviews all petitions for variances and other zoning matters filed with the Zoning Board of Appeals.